About Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio offers wildlife, dreamed beaches, green of the forest, marine environments, landscapes and a national park will captive your senses, a promise of an authentic Costa Rican experience.

Manuel Antonio is a small tourist town located in Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Many expats and locals live here, and it is a famous destination for domestic and international tourism. On the way in to Manuel Antonio, just before going through Quepos downtown you can see hectares of palm trees, but it has not always been like that.

The economy of Quepos was meanly supported by banana plantations, but on the mid 1950’s farmers were forced to switch from bananas to palm oil as a main export due to natural disasters and banana disease.

While the palm oil was gaining soil in Quepos, in 1972 Manuel Antonio was turning to tourism with the establishment of a National Park named Manuel Antonio as the town. The new bio diverse protected area soon drew the attention of avid travelers and few rustic cabins were built to accommodate this new visitors.

The continuous uprising through the years, will never had happened without locals and expats that moved in and worked hard to molded the area to what it is nowadays, a great destination for families, couples, solo travelers, surfers, eco tourists, sports fishermen, scientific research, adventures naturalists and ticos who take pride on it.

If you are looking for a place to relax, meditate, meet friendly people, enjoy great food and with breathtaking biodiversity, Manuel Antonio is the perfect destiny for your next vacation.

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