About us

Travel Costa Rica tours is a Costa Rican family-owned company, dedicated to tourist promotion as a strategy for community sustainable development. We are specialize in organizing travel arrangements and tours within Costa Rica with high-quality service and competitive prices, both for groups and individuals. During our tours we focus a lot on wildlife observation and nature photography. Therefore, many of our guests are eco-conscious travelers, nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, hikers and photographers. However, everyone is welcome to join us on the journey to discover the breathtaking places beautiful Costa Rica has to offer. We also offer high deluxe, private, terrestrial transportation from anywhere to Manuel Antonio/Quepos and vice versa.

Marvin Parra Hernandez
Owner, manager and CEO
Phone +50688196803

Our mission: Strengthen the development of tourist activity in Costa Rica, by organizing, operating and diversifying the offer of cultural,nature and outdoors activities, always with a focus on the sustainable development of the communities involved.

Our vision: Efficiently carry out the necessary steps to achieve excellence in customer service in each of our activities and services, promote conservation and strengthen the local economy of each of our destinations.

Our environmental policy:

Our environmental policy is based on 3 principles:
1-Continuous improvement
2-Prevention and control of contamination
3-environmental legislative commitment

Protecting and caring for natural resources and biodiversity is highly important for our company, to implement a model of sustainable development and ecological growth:
1-We will create principles of cooperation with social groups that work with the objectives of improving the environment
2-We will act according to the laws and regulations in favor of environmental management
3-We will minimize the environmental impact as much as possible, generating less waste and advocating reuse and recycling.
4-Promote ecological business activity, such as cleaning forests, rivers, beaches, planting trees, etc.
5-We will carry out environmental audits periodically, to ensure that the above points are met.

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