Nauyaca Waterfall tour from Manuel Antonio is the most impressive one in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, and our staff is here, ready to lead your experience to this place.

Waterfalls can highly impact your body, health and immune system on a positive way. By releasing negative ions waterfalls create calmness, and this somehow reduces stress, depression and helps on blood purification and metabolism cell revitalization.

Waterfalls are very important for the ecology system. They add oxygen and purified water too. This helps fish breathe properly and live. Waterfalls basically mean healthy life, by keeping the eco systems alive.

What’s included?
  • Fruits
  • bottle of water
  • Costa Rican Meal
  • $25 entrance fee
  • Round trip transportation from Manuel Antonio
What to bring
  • towels
  • clothes to change
  • Sunblock
  • A minimum of 2 people required to book this tour online
  • this tour has tier pricing for groups with more than 4 people
  • Low price guarantee
  • Secure payments and bookings
  • Free cancelation up to 25 hours to the star time of the tour

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Nauyaca Waterfall Tour from Manuel Antonio
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 by HappyCamper
Many reviews on this page are for the OTHER entrance. This is the Nature Park which is 15 km past the first entrance.

Readers should realize there are two entrances to this waterfall, one from each side. Nauyaca Waterfqll is the first entrance along the road, and offers the hike or horse or 4x4 jeep experience. That place is NOT the Nature Park. Any review here that talks about these options (horse, Jeep) or has photos from the right side of the waterfall is the OTHER entrance. This listing is for the Nature Park which requires driving an additional 15 km or so past the first entrance, including driving 6.4 km along a gravel road. The waterfall is beautiful from either direction but we are really glad we chose the Nature Park. The extra drive was just beautiful, and the gravel road was wide and in really good condition. When we drove past the first entrance it was super crowded and looked like pure chaos. (This was during Christmas week). By contrast, the entrance at the Nature Park was quiet and calm and had way way way fewer people. They drive you both ways on demand so we could stay as long or as short as we wanted (the first entrance has you on a schedule). We really enjoyed the falls and could swim in both the upper and lower falls from the Nature Park. (I don’t think the upper falls are accessible for swimming from the first entrance).